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forensics_lims is a weekly elimination icon challenge that goes on until there is only one icon maker left "standing", and focuses on forensics television shows such as Dexter, Bones, CSI, and Law & Order.

The original idea for icon LIMS was created by disney_hush. Inspiration to make this community came from rockmusiclims and animanga_lims, as well as fierce obsession with LIMS icontests.



01. Each week you will be given one or more images to use for making your contest entry. There will be a different theme for each Case. The given image(s) are the only image(s) you are allowed to use. DO NOT use any other images in your icon apart from the one(s) we give you. However, you may use stock photos, textures, brushes, or patterns to your heart's content. There may also be other restrictions for your icon per challenge, but we we will inform you of them in the submission post. If you feel that your icon requires an explanation, you may submit it with the icon. Do not, however, ask for your comment to be included in the voting post; you will be denied. No exceptions.

02. Submitted icons must be compatible with LiveJournal; 100x100 px and 40 kb, and only .jpg, .gif, and .png file formats.

03. Do not promote your icon, and do not post, display, or otherwise use your icon anywhere on the Internet until after that particular challenge is over and the results have been posted. Sharing your icon with your friends is equivalent to promotion, especially if they are also participants here.

04. Do not submit an icon that has been or will be submitted in another icontest (cross-submission). Icons that are merely variations of one another count. Submitted icons must be no more than 7 days old, or as old as the submission post (if the deadline has been extended). Please make your icon *fresh* and specifically for the contest. Reusing old icons with new text for this icontest is not allowed. Requiring that you make your icons specifically for the current challenge has been a long-standing rule in most icontests.

05. Please adhere to the deadlines. If your icon is not submitted on time, you will be disqualified from the round unless you have an available bye (skip). Each participant gets one bye standard; more may be earned (click here for more information on earning additional byes). If you forget to submit an icon, we will count it as a bye unless you say otherwise (e.g. you drop out of the round). Check your byes here. Also please note that you may not use a bye for the first Case or the last few Cases of a round. Please note that if you are going on vacation or you have an extenuating circumstance, you may ask for up to TWO themes in advance. However, you have to request this specifically; it will not be offered. You must complete all themes by their respective deadlines, even if they are given in advance.

06. Do not complain if you are eliminated. The majority of the people who participate will be eliminated at some point in the round! If you cannot handle losing and/or criticism, this competition is not for you; please do not participate.

07. Flaming, wanking, bitching, and whining will not be tolerated. If you have a legitimate problem, please speak to the moderator.

08. If you are found to be breaking or abusing the rules, your icon and/or votes may be disqualified and you may even be banned from the community WITHOUT NOTICE.

By participating in this icontest, you thereby implicitly state that you have read all of these rules and that you agree with and will abide by them. If you need any clarification, please contact us and ask.


01. Please join the community before you sign up. Only community members are allowed to post comments (and therefore sign-up, submit icons, and vote). Remember to watch the community as well so you don't miss any deadlines. Everyone is encouraged to join; you don't need to be a contestant to vote, but you do need to be a member of the community.

02. Sign up here for Round #001! Round #001 sign-ups are now closed.

03. The deadline for icon submission is Sunday at 8:00 PM EDT (-04:00 GMT). Voting will begin shortly after that and will run until Tuesday at 7:00 PM EDT. Results and the new challenge will be posted on Tuesday evenings, around 8:00 PM EDT. If you have any questions about this schedule, please ask!

04. When voting, you will be voting for the icon(s) you find to be of lesser quality as well as your favorite icon(s). The number of icons of each type for which you need to vote will vary depending on the week and the number of participants for that week. We will specify the numbers for you at the beginning of every voting post. Please vote for the exact number we ask; this is crucial to the elimination process.

05. You need to provide a moderately detailed explanation for all of your votes. Please judge based on technique and aesthetic quality, not personal preferences (such as favorite color, or the icon maker you think made the icon). We reserve the right to void any vote we feel is unfair or petty. Votes like, "It doesn't appeal to me," are not valid unless you give an explanation of why the icon does not appeal to you. (In fact, do not reference yourself in your negatives votes at all; it would mean the votes are subjective.) Remember that critiques are a way for icon makers to improve; the more detailed you are in your critiques, the more helpful you are. If you need additional assistance in voting, please see this comprehensive voting tutorial.

06. The icon maker(s) with the greatest number of 'least favorite' votes at the end of the challenge will be eliminated from the round. Those who do not submit on time as well as those who do not keep their submission anonymous will also be eliminated, but by disqualification (which is quite different).

07. There will be a People's Choice award every week for the icon that receives the most 'favorite' votes. If there is a tie for this, then we will look at total points to break the tie. The People's Choice icon will be featured as the default icon in the community for the next week, and will be eligible for a spiffy banner.

08. Eliminations, disqualifications, and the People's Choice icon will be announced in the results post, along with the vote counts. If you would like to know the critiques your icon received, you may respond to the results post with your icon number and we will reply to your comment with the critiques, both positive and negative. Comments with critiques will be screened so that no one except the moderators will be able to see them, but they will be e-mailed to you as a LJ comment reply. If you are not e-mailed your critiques, please let us know. All critiques will remain strictly anonymous. Please do not ask to know who voted for your icon, because you will not be told.

09. Half-way through each round, a Comeback Case will be offered to those participants who have been eliminated (not disqualified) in past Cases. The Comeback Case will be run in a week separately from regular Cases. The top two icon makers (by popular vote) from the Comeback Case will be invited to rejoin the round in the next regular Case. Voting for the Comeback Case will be run as regular icontest voting, the guidelines for which will be detailed in the voting post of the Comeback Case. Please note that only eliminated icon makers will be allowed to enter the Comeback Case; if an icon maker is disqualified (no more byes, cheating, etc.) they will not be allowed to enter the Comeback Case.

10. People's Choice and Mods' Choice icons makers' are eligible for banners. Please comment promptly to the results post if you have won and would like a banner. Banners will be posted as soon as possible after the results post.

11. Please include the phrase blood spatter somewhere in your comment when you sign up so that I know that you have read all of the rules.


Round 1;
1st Place: 6-month LJ paid account + 6-month extra userpics
2nd Place: 2-month LJ paid account + 2-month extra userpics

If the winner does not want the prize they have won, I will negotiate a prize of the same value.


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xenylamine may be contacted through messaging programs (see profile) or by emailing jessica[at]subvivid[dot]com.

Community layout by premade_ljs with edits and graphic by xenylamine.

Promotion graphics by xenylamine.

Profile with graphic by xenylamine. Profile code and rules have been adapted from rockmusiclims.

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