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Round #001: Winners' Showcase 
11th-Oct-2007 11:22 pm
pt - ryuutarou prays

In first place we have fearthechopstic! He did very well, placing first out of a total of fourteen contestants, as well as winning the award for People's Choice a total of four times during this round! His icons show a distinct style that seems simple, but is really the result of well placed text and effects.

Set #01 Eureka + Textless
+ The clean cropping and simplistic lines appeal to the eye. It's beautifully toned down and not overboard.
+ Nice image quality and colors.
+ The texture fits the icon and the coloring looks so great
+ The contrast, sharpness and use of space is great
+ Very nice use of the empty space and the light colouring that fit very well.
+This icon wins out of the pair purely because it doesn't have the distracting multi-crop with the sickly coloured light textures. The plain texture with lines is a little plain, but doesn't distract the eye from the main image.

Set #02 Lyrical
+ The crop and the semi-border bring to mind one of those inspirational posters and it works. It's pared down to just the basics without being barren or boring.
+ Good crop, well bordered, good text placement, and colors all around. Well-balanced and pleasing to the eye.
+ There feels like there is a little too much black negative space, but overall the composition is really clean, with good image quality. The image pops and the text compliments the image well.
+ Nice, clean layout, although the black is a little overwhelming. The blue and green on the other icon just stick out a bit too much though ^^;
+ The colours & tones are well preserved and very dynamic. Both icons in this set have used different types pf borders, but this one uses it to greater effect with a soothing & complimentary colour, and an intriguing caption.

Set #03 Free Choice
+ Terrific composition, cropping, and use of monochrome! The blue at the top gives a great addition to the empty space, and the tiny text is utilized nicely.
+ The splash of blue works better here than the black frame on the other icon. The tiny text is also perfectly placed.
+ The tiny gap of blue sky is a strange effect. It gives life & colour to the whole image. Nice cropping too. Far more visually interesting than the other icon.

01 02 03 04 05
06 07 08 09

As runner-up, we have malionette! She did an excellent job, earning the title of Runner Up with her lovely icons. Placing higher than twelve other contestants, she won the People's Choice once during this round! Her icons show that she is not afraid to use striking color, and she mixes it well with dark or desaturated images.

Set #01 Eureka + Textless
+ Creative approach with the duplicating images, it creates a visually appealing effect.
+ Spectacular cropping and composition. The image placement is very nice, and the arrangement of components in the icon are far more purposeful than in the other.
+ I rather like the messy effect here; it replicates his anguish well. That red blob is a little awkard, though.

Set #02 Lyrical
+ the cloudy cyan texture makes the icon shine.cyan looks amazing on b&w icons.
+ love the coloring and text
+ Really beautiful use of shining blue. The text is very beautifully done, and is more fleshed out than the opponent's.
+ Interesting colour and design.

Set #03 Free Choice
+ The neat border and the bold colours of the image go hand in hand, it has a brilliant postcard feel to it that makes you wish you were there.
+ Lovely colors, and interesting border! The text could stand to be a bit more clear, though.
+ The coloring is really nice and the frame seems to actually work here. The text probably could have popped just a little more, but it's still readable as is.
+ Colors are wonderful and bright, the large border gives icon a postcard look. I loved it.

01 02 03 04 05
06 07 08 09

Congratulations to both fearthechopstic and malionette for all of their effort! We hope you both enjoy your well-earned prizes! :D
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