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Round #001; Case #08: Voting 
6th-Oct-2007 09:51 pm
pt - ryuutarou prays
Voting has begun for Round #001; Case #08! This is the Final Challenge for this Round!

Voting is a little different this time, so please read the guidelines!

• You must vote for your ONE favorite icon out of each of the three icon pairs. You are not required to write a comment for the icons you are voting as favorites, but it's greatly appreciated.

• The two icon makers who remain do not have to vote, but everyone else should. Please look very carefully at each icon while you are voting, and please double-check your votes to make sure you've used the correct numbers/letters in your voting comment.

• Here is an example vote for you to follow (1 favorite per set);

   Set #01;
   #H - The cropping and coloring are beautiful.
   Set #02;
   #V - Good use of space and text.
   Set #03;
   #K -

ANYONE MAY VOTE. You do not have to be a contestant to vote! We encourage as many people to vote as possible so that the results are as fair as possible.

• Voting for Case #08 will end Tuesday, October 9th at 7:00 PM EDT (-5:00 BST).

SET #01

#A       #B  

SET #02

#C       #D  

SET #03

#E       #F  

If you have any questions, you may ask them here.

Good luck to the participants!
9th-Oct-2007 11:05 pm (UTC)
Voting is now CLOSED.
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